Body Rider Fan Bike Review

Product Name:Body Rider Fan Bike
Brand:Body Rider


Stationary bikes offer a simple yet effective way to burn calories, increase overall cardiovascular health, improve stamina, and strengthen the legs.  While there is some residual abdominal benefit offered by the standard exercise bike, the legs are the primary muscle group that is engaged with a traditional stationary bike.  Meaning that, if you want to work another set of muscles- the arms, for instance- you would be compelled to find some other method to augment your routine.  The Body Rider Fan Bike eliminates this eventuality by combining the best of an elliptical with the best of an exercise bike.


This upright stationary bike comes with counterbalanced, safety strap pedals, and a motion driven fan that cools you while you ride.  Resistance can be adjusted via a frame mounted knob that is conveniently within reach so that should be you decide, during operation, that you want a little more or little less, you do not have to get off the bike to make the necessary adjustment.  The handlebars move back and forth as you pedal, thereby engaging your upper body to tone your arms alongside your legs.

Key Features and Benefits

The steel frame constructions are remarkably lightweight without compromising stability.  As is standard among exercise bikes of this caliber, the Body Rider Fan Bike features a digital display that provides up to the second readings on elapsed time, distance traveled, and approximates the number of calories burned.  Though it has already been mention, it does bear repeating that the primary feature of the Body Rider is the combination of an exercise bike and an elliptical into one supremely efficient machine.  With this model, it is possible to achieve a total body workout without having to switch constantly machines.


  • 250-pound weight capacity
  • 41.75″ x 22″ x 46.5″ footprint
  • Weighs just 47.3 pounds
  • 1-year frame warranty, 90-day guarantee on parts


  • The fan does create a good bit of noise during operation.
  • The seat is hard and not replaceable

Insider Tip

As mentioned in the “CONs” section, the seat that ships with the Body Rider Fan Bike can become uncomfortable during an extended session, and unfortunately, this cannot be replaced outright.  There are options, however, for those who want more cushion for the pedaling.  There are many well-designed gel covers such as this one here  that can increase the comfort of your ride, thereby extending the length of your workout.


Can someone who has undergone knee replacement surgery use this bike? Most likely, yes.  As with performing any exercise after surgery, you should first consult with your doctor but- given that the motorcycle offers multiple resistance levels, you should be able to set it level and use the bike to help you regain your strength.

How long should assembly take?  For those with some degree of mechanical aptitude, the assembly will likely run between 1 to 2 hours.

Can you stand and pedal this bike?  You might be able to, but it isn’t recommended.  The handles move and could prove dangerous to a standing rider.


Gym rats are often teased relentlessly for focusing all of their efforts on the upper body. This is not an undeserved stereotype since the description often fits them to a “T” (look at the T…does not it look like someone who has spent too much time on the arms and chest, but not enough on the legs?).  On the flip side of that, the run of the mill exercise bike focuses every bit of your attention on the feet, with nothing left over for the arms.  Well not anymore.  Like a hybrid car, the Body Rider Fan Bike offers the best of both worlds.  The resistance pedaling action works the legs while the moving handlebars work the arms and chest area.  For those, looking to get the maximum out of one machine, the Body Rider Fan Bike is one of the most efficient options on the market.  Thanks to the power of the internet, you don’t have just to take my word for it.  You can click here to read body rider fan bike reviews from nearly a thousand satisfied customers before adding one to your cart.

Body Rider Fan Bike

Body Rider Fan Bike










  • Dual-action handlebars engage an upper and lower body workout
  • Digital display tracks your time, speed, distance, and calories burned
  • 1-year frame warranty, 90-day guarantee on parts


  • The fan does create a good bit of noise during operation
  • The seat is hard and not replaceable

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