Top 3 Tips to Help You Get Fit and Stay Fit

3 Tips to Help You Get Fit and Stay Fit

The first few weeks of the year are like the extended Black Friday for the fitness industry. It’s resolution season, and millions of people are starting gym memberships and buying necessary shoes and equipment to begin the journey to get fit and be their best selves.

The stark reality is that most of these people will never use their membership. It’s a strange phenomenon, a business that is propped up by the people who pay and don’t use the available services.

It’s also one that isn’t exclusive to gyms, just try and imagine all of the equipment that sits in garages across the country, collecting dust or perhaps not even taken out of the box!

How do you succeed? Nobody is perfect, but there has to be an approach that comes close to guaranteeing results right?

Dial Down That Resolution

Get Fit,Quality Exercise Bike,Stay FitGoal-setting is an important aspect of success. It’s important to aim high, but if you make that first step too lofty, you’re never going to get fit reach your goals.

Starting a jogging regimen or investing in a stationary bike is a great place to start, but not when your plan is to be getting out there every day. You’re guaranteed to burn out quickly if that’s the goal you’re starting off with.

Start simple, because you can always up-the-ante later. Drop it down to a few times a week. Maybe instead of jogging, you can try to at least make sure you’re getting a nice walk in each day.

Try And Hit Two Birds With One Stone, Every Time

We often run into trouble maintaining our fitness levels when we are faced with choices. Do you catch up on your favorite show, or drag yourself to the gym? Squeeze in a short morning workout, or get 30 minutes of extra sleep?

Life has a nasty habit of derailing your fitness goals, but it doesn’t have to be if you incorporate a clever approach to your health and wellness practices.

The first scenario can easily be remedied with a quality exercise bike. Just have a television or whatever device you stream from set up to be viewed while you’re on the bike. This works perfectly as most programming is either a half-hour or an hour long, perfect time for a fat-burning cardio session.

MOVE To Get Fit

Despite what many companies may want to claim, the only proven method of weight loss is to expend more calories than you take in. It’s hard to say whether diet or exercise is more important because it takes intention in both of those areas to stay healthy.

Regardless of how strict you are with your diet, if you can expend enough calories by the end of the day you’ll stay on track with your fitness goals. Walk, run, get on the bike, do something every hour that isn’t sitting.

Once you get into the habit of moving more every day, staying fit will be easier to achieve. Remember, you aren’t alone. Talk to your friends about your fitness goals, and don’t hesitate to reach out to experts to get the best advice.

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