FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar Review

Product Name:FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar


Have you ever been pedaling away on your exercise bike, staring apathetically at the frame mounted LCD screen as the calories, miles, and minutes tick past?  Have you ever decided against squeezing in a few miles because you had so much to do?  If you answered yes to both, or either, of these questions, then you have also probably often wished there were a way to work while working out.  Well, thanks to the FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar, now you can do just that.   


To maximize lifespan, the gearbox of the FitDesk is constructed solely of aluminum and steel components, which also provide a silky smooth operation.  The flywheel is balanced and driven by twin v-belts on precision sealed bearings, making the ride as quiet as it is pleasurable.  An eight position magnetic resistance selector enables the FitDesk v2.0 to accommodate beginners and veterans alike, and the “Cruiser” style seat with backrest make even challenging workouts pleasurable.  

Key Features & Benefits

Like the mythological chimera, the FitDesk is not one thing, but many.  This model ingeniously combines the body of an exercise bike with the head of a desk and the convenience of a folding bike.  While the bike offers all the functionality, you would expect from competitively priced stationary bikes, the real star of this show is the desk.  In addition to the included laptop safety strap, the surface of the desk is encased in non-slip material.  The 16″ x 9″ surface can easily accommodate a laptop, a book, a tablet, or a handheld video game console.  The adjustable armrests equipped with massage rollers work to reduce hand fatigue associated with extended periods of typing A nice feature is the easy access drawer hid underneath the desk surface that can hold your pens, owl clips, cell phone, or other small sized items.  Perhaps the best accouterment offered by the FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar is its ability to provide distraction via whatever device you place on the desk.  By keeping you interested in something else, the FitDesk is covertly lengthening the duration of your workout, thereby helping you to burn more calories and reach your fitness goals more quickly than you otherwise would.    


  • Upper body resistance bands are included
  • Digital Monitor keeps track of mileage, calories, and time
  • 16″ x 28″ Compact Foldable Footprint
  • Weighs just 45 pounds
  • One-year warranty


  • Though the seat does have a backrest, the cushion is rather narrow, which become uncomfortable after extended use, particularly for someone (yours truly) with an ample posterior.

Insider Tip

Since you will likely be using your FitDesk v2.0 Exercise Bike with Massage Bar quite frequently, you may want to consider purchasing some heavy duty mat such as this one , to place underneath your machine.  These highly durable mats will protect carpet, hardwood, laminate, or tile from the wear associated with using heavy exercise equipment.


What’s the difference between buying the FitDesk and under the desk pedal machine?  With the FitDesk, you don’t have to worry about banging your knees on the keyboard tray or the bottom of the desk.  Also, many of the desk models need to be strapped to your chair, which can be problematic. 

What is the weight capacity of the FitDesk v2.0? This model can support riders of up to 250 pounds.

How many calories can I expect to burn on this bike? Calories burned can vary considerably depending on height, weight, gender, and intensity, but users typically report burning between 500-1000 calories when riding while working on emails or daily computer work.


The FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar is on the cutting edge of home exercise equipment innovation.  While the cycling action offers what you would expect from a bike in this price range, the actual benefit is derived from the inclusion of a desk in the design.  This desk opens up infinite possibilities to make your session more enjoyable and more productive.  Perhaps this is why the customers here can’t stop raving about this bike.  Try it, you won’t be able to stop singing its praises either.  


FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar

FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar










  • Desk features non-slip surface, easy access drawer and massage rollers positioned to make typing while exercising comfortable
  • Space Saving
  • Durable & high quality gear box components


  • cushion is a bit narrow & uncomfortable after extended use, particularly for someone with an ample posterior

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